The crazy weather this past week has caused some problems from home owners, first snow then freezing temperatures, and now pouring rain combined with melting snow has left many basements flooded and roofs leaking.

The weather has not only caused problems for homeowners, but for the seemingly plagued Berkshire Mall as well. Added on a to laundry list of issues hampering the dwindling shopping center including power outages, lack of heat and tax issues, the mall has closed because of a leaking roof.

According to a FaceBook post yesterday, the Berkshire Mall will be closed until further notice due to a leak in the roof that has caused their fire panel to malfunction. No additional information, including a timeline for reopening was provided.  Regal Cinemas and Target, entities that function independently from the mall, will remain open.

Slater and I spoke with Lanesborough Volunteer Fire Chief Charlie Durfee who shed a little more light on the situation. A fire alarm was activated from a roof leak in the former Macy's space, when dripping water shorted out the mall's electrical panel, in turn shorting out the fire panel.  The mall will not have a functioning fire alarm system until the panel is repaired and legally cannot reopen until they do.



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