After weeks of traffic congestion, today is the day crews are putting the finishing touches on final paving which morphed into south county's first and only rotary. Motorists travelling in the vicinity of Great Barrington experienced massive delays as they approached the junctions of routes 7, 23 and 41 parallel to the police station.

GBPD-Sunny Day

From here on in it's going to be much easier and word of warning: Be Careful out there as some drivers have trouble navigating these circles to continue onto their destination. The $2 million proposal has been in existence since 2018 and after 4 years it has finally been completed as it's goal is to ease congestion on a heavily commuted area in Great Barrington and in the long run, it should pay dividends.


There were some pros and cons in finally making this happen. Rotaries are very common throughout The Bay State and now you can add the southern Berkshires to it's long list of twists and turns. Motorists just need to pay attention and it is advisable NOT to use your left or right blinker lights during this part of your journey until you are ready to exit as this simple practice could confuse other drivers trying to get from point A to point B.

Blank Speed Limit Sign

It is also necessary to maintain the speed limits posted in the vicinity. That particular stretch of road allows you up to 25 miles per hour (the same applies to when you are travelling through Main Street).Great Barrington Police Chief Paul Storti advises that you access this link to better familiarize yourself with the standard operational procedure while driving in a roundabout and or rotary. This will allow you to take some time familiarizing yourself with these updated rules of the road.

BOTTOM LINE: Pack your patience as your commute to south county has approached a different level, but local Berkshire county residents and visitors to the area will easily be able to conform on this revised look on a major intersection that has seen it's share of ups and downs as this will work in the long run. To paraphrase the vintage Esso (Exxon) slogan: "Happy Motoring"

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