I don't know much, but I do know this. A lot of people LOVE chicken wings, including myself! Were you aware that a local iconic restaurant was recently named as having the best wings in Western Massachusetts?

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First things first. What is your favorite flavor of chicken wings? Do you enjoy the standard, traditional Buffalo wings? Maybe you prefer BBQ or Teriyaki? Or something a little exotic like Mango Habanero or Sweet Chili? The options are endless.

Next, what about temperature? Mild, medium, spicy, hot, or burn the skin off the roof of your mouth scorching??? Do you like drums or flats or both? These may sound like stupid questions, but it's all part of the experience.

What about a side to accompany your wings? Carrots, celery, or something else? And, I almost forgot, dipping sauce. VERY IMPORTANT! Trust me, I've seen guys almost come to blows over which is better, Ranch dressing or Blue (or Bleu) Cheese.

Yep. I love wings in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. And I'm clearly not the only one, either. Yelp just recently released its list of top places to get chicken wings in western Massachusetts and I'm happy to say that THREE Berkshire County eateries landed in the top 10! Any guesses?

No more waiting. According to Yelp, these are the 10 best stops to get chicken wings in Western Massachusetts (based on customer reviews):

  1. Olde Forge Restaurant - Lanesborough (I have not had their wings in forever. It's time to go back!!)
  2. Hangar Pub & Grill - Amherst
  3. Wingstreet - West Springfield
  4. Pub 116 - Plainfield
  5. Cim's Tavern - Pittsfield (Recently had their brandy-glazed wings after probably a year or so and OMG instantly remembered why I love them so much!)
  6. Antonio's Pizza and Wings - Easthampton
  7. Hangar Pub & Grill - Greenfield
  8. Johnny's Tavern - Amherst
  9. Old Man Jeff's Barbecue Company - Pittsfield (Let me just say that I've only eaten here a couple of times. However, the food has been excellent every time! Looks like I'm going to have to try the wings now!)
  10. Local Burger - Northampton

How about that? AWESOME job, Berkshire County! Trust me, if you're a chicken wing fan, whether they be hot or mild, buffalo or honey BBQ, flat or drum, check these establishments out.

Speaking of checking things out, visit Yelp's website here for more.

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