You are probably wondering what happened to some notable TV news anchors who graced the camera during their time when they were broadcasting the day's local news to your living rooms. Here are a few of these familiar personalities who have left the business after spending decades on the air in The Berkshires and neighboring New York, but are STILL fondly remembered by many of their loyal audiences:

WTEN-TV was fortunate to feature Dick Wood every evening as I was also proud to call this legendary news anchor my friend in life. He retired in 1991 after almost two decades in front of the camera. Dick passed away in 2021 and his memory remains eternal and everlasting. Here is a complete channel 10 Nightcast that aired back in April of 1988. At this time, Steve Caporizzo was not manning the weather desk and another familiar face handled sports but we don't know what became of him afterwards:

(Nightcast video clip courtesy of Junkie's Tape Bin via YouTube)

Another capital region TV legend, WRGB's Ernie Tetrault was a fixture on small screens for decades throughout our viewing area. He recently passed away, but the moments remain embedded in our minds as Ernie co-anchored The Night Team broadcast with Tracey Egan. Here is a segment that first aired on February 20, 1990 (during my years at K-LITE in neighboring Albany)

(Night team video courtesy of Junkie's Tape Bin via YouTube)

Another golden moment from a dear friend of mine: The late, great Ed Dague takes some time to bring you the creation and development of WNYT's new moniker, NewsChannel13 which STILL identifies the Albany, New York NBC based affiliate since it's inception back in 1991.His longtime co-anchor, Chris Jansing (back then we knew her as Chris Kapostasy) joined in the unveiling. I remember this segment well and you will too as the following actuality remains a benchmark to this day:

(Video clip courtesy of WNYT News Channel 13)

Here in western Massachusetts, Dave Madsen signed off from the anchor desk, but he is STILL active behind the scenes at WSHM-TV as he hosts a weekly public affairs broadcast and introduces all the local newscasts (in pre-recorded segments). This was how he officially signed off from the air chair three years ago;

(Video clip courtesy of Western Mass News)

Another fixture in Western Massachusetts called it a career after a half century in TV broadcasting. Ray Hershel was the chief anchor at WGGB (channel 40) for decades and he reminisces about his golden moments in a recent interview with Mass LIVE:

(Video clip courtesy of MassLive)

BOTTOM LINE: This stroll down memory lane truly embodies the professionalism of dedicated individuals, past and present who perfected their craft when entering the news studio and their accomplishments will NEVER be forgotten!

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