One big change that came out of the pandemic is the fact that many people in Berkshire County and beyond were put in a situation where they had to work from home. Gone were the days of going to an office or an area that was away from home to make a living. Even now, some people have been able to keep working from home as it has become the new normal in many ways. In this day in age homes have become a place for work and play. With this being the case, more and more people are looking to update, remodel and expand their sanctuaries.

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Whether it's an addition to your home or perhaps a new patio, a game room, a second bathroom, or a roof replacement, many homes are getting makeovers. The possibilities are endless. No matter what the project is, people are investing in their homes and now is the time for you to show prospective clients what you can do for them and their homes.

If you're a business that's interested in making an impression on the community you may want to consider becoming a part of the Berkshires' Virtual Home Show hosted by Townsquare Media Berkshire. Last year's virtual home show was a huge hit and we are thrilled to be doing it again this spring.

The Berkshires' Virtual Home Show features home improvement vendors from around the region, you'll find great ideas on how to spruce up your home.

Not only will your business get views on your website but you'll be able to talk about what your business has to offer over the airwaves on our local radio stations if you so choose.

The Berkshires' Virtual Home Show begins May 1. If you’d like to find out how your business can become part of the home show, contact us now by emailing

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