The summer is finally officially here and Massachusetts residents are ramping up for the vacation season and planning their summer getaways.

The majority of folks in the U.S. start to plan their summer vacations in the months of February, March, and April and many of those folks are heading to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Not only do Massachusetts residents seek summer fun on Cape Cod, but visitors from all over the world flock to the beaches and islands of the eastern peninsula. According to the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce over 26 million people visit the sandy shores annually. Just domestic tourism spending alone brings in $1.37 billion into the Barnstable County economy. Even folks who are just making a day trip to Cape Cod spend $200 per travel party, per day.

With over 560 miles of sandy shoreline and over 130 beaches, visitors to the Massachusetts have plenty of beaches to choose from, although not all are created equal. While some folks are looking for a family friendly atmosphere, others might be looking for a more private, quiet get away. And some folks, might be looking for a beach where they can bare it all...literally.

That's right, were talking about nude beaches. Apparently, Massachusetts has one of the best! Many folks, including myself didn't even know Cape Cod was home to any nude beaches, let alone the best in the world.

This Massachusetts Nude Beach Named Once of the Best Nude Beaches in the World

According to CBS News, Moshup Beach on Martha's Vineyard is one of the best nude beaches in the world. Located at 71 Moshup Trail, the beach sees thousands of visitors annually.

Perched at the island's western extreme, Moshup is a long curving strand that wraps around a headline crowned by the historic Gay Head Lighthouse (built in 1799). Located right below the ancient light, the clothing optional portion lies beneath rust-colored sandstone cliffs that were declared a National Natural Monument in 1966. Moshup is open free of charge to anyone who wants to take their clothes off, as opposed to Lucy Vincent, the island's private nude beach.


Moshup was only one of two U.S. beaches that made the list. The other was Black's Beach in La Jolla, California. Check out the entire list below.

Best Nude Beaches in the World

  • Playa Naturista Chihuahua, Uruguay,
  • Nida Nude Beach, Lithuania
  • Little Palm Beach, Waiheke, New Zealand
  • Nugal Beach, Croatia
  • Black's Beach, La Jolla, California
  • Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia
  • Buhne 16, Sylt, Germany
  • Red Beach, Crete, Greece
  • Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barts
  • Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

In 2022, the Vineyards sister island, Nantucket, voted for "gender equality on beaches" making it legal for women to go topless on beaches all across the island. It changed the island's bylaws to allow any person to be topless on public and private beaches. The previous law says only men can go topless in public and women who do face a fine or possibly jail time.

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