There is a lot to love about living in Massachusetts. From its iconic Cape Cod beaches to the bustling Boston metro area to the peaceful hills of the Berkshires, there really is something for everyone in Massachusetts.

Whether you were born and raised in Massachusetts, or are a transplant to the best state in New England, you know all it has to offer.

Massachusetts boasts a strong economy, affordable living, excellent public schools, and an overall high quality of life. The state has been highlighted as one of the best states to live in the US several times, but publications like US News and World Reports, Niche, and CBS News.

Massachusetts is home to seven million people who are spread across the state in large cities and small towns and a new study from WalletHub reports that more folks than ever are desiring the latter, a small town life. The new report says always one-third of folks would rather live in a suburban area than a major city.

With so many folks seeking that lifestyle, the personal finance website compared more than 1,300 U.S. cities that had populations of less than 100,000 people to find the best. The study examined 45 key factors including things like housing costs and school-system quality to the crime rate and even the number of restaurants per capita to make their determinations.

Massachusetts City Named One of the Best Small Cities to Live in the United States

Lexington, Massachusetts, in Middlesex County, was named the second-best small city in the country to call your home. Lexington has a population of just under 35,0000 and is just 16.5 square miles in size.

Lexington wasn't the only Massachusetts city to make the list. Milton and Melrose, Massachusetts came in at seven and eight respectively.

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