Autumn in Massachusetts is without a doubt the best time of the year for both residents and visitors alike. Warm days and cool nights, stunning fall foliage, and a bounty of delicious fall delicacies make it an absolutely wonderful time of the year.

While apple cider donuts and pumpkin EVERYTHING are staples, every true New Englander knows the best fall treats can be found at the Big E!

Folks across Massachusetts look forward to the fun, games and of course, the food that the Big E brings to our corner of the state every fall. A staple of the season in Massachusetts, nothing is as bittersweet as summer ending and transitional into fall as the fairgrounds are transformed.

Unfortunately, this year's Big E food selections won't quite be the same as a fan favorite will be missing.

Big E! Loaded Baked Potato Will Not Be Available This Year

Each state house presents some iconic food choices to visitors and perhaps none are more popular than the loaded baked potato from the Connecticut house. Tragically, the man behind the baked potato that caused lines to wrap around the building passed away earlier this summer.

Danny Bell, the owner of Little Taste of Texas Smokehouse Grill which provided the stacked bakers to thousands of visitors annually, unexpectedly passed away in June of this year according to WWLP.

For the past 20 years patrons of the Big E! flocked to the Connecticut states and would wait in long lines for what some called the best baked potatoes in the country. This year visitors will instead see a large memorial of Bell in place of the storefront.

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