On Monday night (April 9), Bishop Briggs will take to American Idol for one of the twelve celebrity duets airing on the episode, but the "White Flag" standout did more than just lend a hand onstage: She also mentored two of the contestants, Cade Foehner and Trevor McBane.

Of the pre-recorded experience, Briggs tells PopCrush the men didn't need much guidance, but that she did impart at least one key piece of wisdom.

"They’re both extremely talented. I want to be clear, I gave them zero advice, because they’re so amazing," she says. "But something that I told both of them was that if you’re being true to yourself, you really can’t lose. With something like this where you’re on a TV show, I think it’s really important to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in and not hide."


It's a lesson Briggs, who broke big with 2016 single "River," knows firsthand. When she first began gaining traction, she framed herself as a mysterious figure, initially neglecting to even reveal her real name. But soon afterward, she realized a sour relationship was holding her back, cut things off, and poured it into her forthcoming debut album, a scorching collection of old-meets-new-school alt pop about finding truth in life and love.

"Originally, I just wanted to make it about the music, but there were people around me that wanted me to be something I wasn’t, and I realized that I had to be true to myself or I wouldn’t be happy," Briggs explains. "[With the record], I just hope that people feel as though they’ve gotten to know me more and that there’s a rawness that comes across."

The project, titled Church of Scars, is due out April 20. Briggs' American Idol performance airs Monday night at 8p.m. ET on ABC.

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