The Berkshires have been home to a BJ's Wholesale Club for over seven years and I've always wanted to shop there, but have never wanted commit to buying a membership, and apparently I'm not alone. A quick survey of my coworkers found that only ONE of them has a membership. Well, there's good news for all of us!

Westborough, Massachusetts based warehouse store BJ's, is in the middle of their Welcome One and All event, running until November 4. The free event gives all visitors to BJ’s the opportunity to take advantage of its value prices and enhanced assortment, as well as to find out about its new digital features.

Shoppers not currently enrolled as members can sign up for a free three month trial membership.  If you've been waiting for the right time to join, that would also be now.  The Welcome One and All event is also offering 12 month memberships for just $25, $30 less than the normal year membership. Those who sign up for BJ’s membership in store during the event additionally get one free delivery through Nov. 4 on a same-day-delivery orders.

So feel free to go out and score mass quantities of toilet paper, giant boxes of Cheese-It's or 48 packs of chewing gum.  The world is your oyster.

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