Here in Massachusetts, we are in full wildlife mode. You have probably seen videos and photos online of bears, moose, deer, and other creatures of nature roaming around in backyards and sometimes right out in the open. There are a few instances where moose were caught on camera. For example, there was a moose recently spotted on the front lawn of a Ludlow resident (see video below).

In addition, there was another moose caught on video earlier this year as the animal was crossing Timpany Boulevard in Gardner, Massachusetts. This is a moderately busy road but the moose didn't seem like it was in a big hurry to get out of the way. You can see motorists hitting the brakes as this big boy roamed all over the place (see video below). 

There was also a moose on the loose in May of this year in Berkshire County as the animal was spotted on the front lawn of a Lenox resident. You can read more about that sighting by going here.

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With all of these moose and wild animal sightings taking place, I started thinking about a unique sighting a couple of years ago in my neighbor's yard in Pittsfield. I saw a Bobcat which started out as still as a statue and then trotted across my neighbor's yard into the woods with a live woodchuck hanging out of its mouth. I happened to catch the scene on video which you can check out below. Note: You'll need to watch the two videos in order. They're less than thirty seconds each and together they tell the entire story. In addition, you can read the original article regarding this sighting by going here.

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