If you have young children, chances are there's a dinosaur lover in your house, and this new theme park should be your next day trip with the family.

The all new Dino Roar Valley, where you can meet face to face with some of the world's oldest and biggest reptiles, is officially open to the public. The brand new attraction is part of Lake George Expedition Park, in Lake George, New York about an hour and 40 minutes from The Berkshires.

Visitors can take a walk in the dinosaur forest, dig up fossils, and learn about the legendary beasts.  All in all there are 20 life-size dinosaurs to encounter on the expedition.

Enter a world of dinosaurs where imagination meets history. Be transported to a prehistoric time when these legendary beasts once roamed. At Dino Roar Valley, you’ll embark on an expedition of discovery - climb into a dinosaur nest, dig for hidden fossils, stand next to a roaring-replica of possibly the world’s largest dinosaur ever discovered: The Titanosaurus!

According to the parks General Manager, John Collins, the T-Rex is by far the most popular and he stands about 39 feet tall at the head, 165 feet long.

The park is open seven days a week all summer from 10 to 6. Tickets are available at the box office, or online here. The video posted by a visitor a few days ago gives you an up close preview!

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