There are two certainties in life, death and taxes. How many times have you heard this little phrase in your life? No matter your religious affiliation, whether it's none, you're going to die eventually.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery pictured below


Burial or cremation are your two choices and catholic cemeteries have certain rules. Along with other religious denominations, these rules can come with some common myths. The first myth has do to with belief. What's the deal with non-believers in a Catholic cemetery?

Can Non-Catholics Be Buried In Catholic Cemeteries In Massachusetts?

It depends, but usually.

There is nothing in canon law that would prevent a non-Catholic from being buried in a Catholic cemetery. However, local diocesan law could prohibit it. In places with limited burial space, it would make sense, to ensure that Catholics can receive a full Catholic burial, to limit non-Catholic burials. At the very least a Catholic cemetery would permit the burial of a non-Catholic with their Catholic spouse.


I remember when my wife passed, we choose a Catholic cemetery because we liked the location and the beauty of it, but that was one of the first questions I asked. Can non-Catholics be buried in a catholic cemetery.

What about Jewish cemeteries? Do the same rules apply?


No. Most Jewish cemeteries are restricted to Jews only.

But many followers of Judaism believe their religion forbids the burial of Jewish people alongside those of other faiths, or no faith. As a result, the vast majority of Jewish cemeteries are restricted to Jewish people.

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