People are funny. We love firemen, but will do anything to avoid the police. Obviously, this is not the truth for everybody, but you get the gist.

In fact, people want to avoid the police so much so that they are actually willing to help literally ANYONE who is in danger of getting a ticket. At what cost? Is it even legal?

Bright headlights of a car driving on foggy winter road

The police may be getting a bad rap here, though. Law enforcement officers really just want you to be conscious of your speed, slow down when you are driving too fast, and most importantly, to DRIVE SAFELY. Sometimes people can "talk themselves into a ticket" by not being honest or vocally sorry for breaking the law.

What About People Who Flash Their Headlights To Warn Others Of Police, Is That Illegal In Massachusetts?

There is no Massachusetts law forbidding you to flash your headlights to warn others. In fact, I just did it the other day. It's sort of like paying it forward at the Dunkin' line. 😆

I sort of feel like I'm breaking the law though, you know?


If the real intention is to slow people down, then what's the harm? In actuality, my flashing the headlights to warn of the cop down the road is fulfilling that goal!

You Know What Is Illegal, Though?

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations, Chapter 540, Section 22, "Failure to Dim," says you must flick off your high beams when you're within 500 feet of a car approaching in the opposite direction -- a considerable distance.

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