In the City of Pittsfield, one of the hot topics has been what to do with trash and recyclables. The idea that has been brought forward to the City Council has been the institution of a tote system for removal moving forward.

Mayor Linda Tyer proposed an ordinance that would utilize a streamline tote system for trash pickup to kickoff in the Spring. If approved, the City of Pittsfield would provide its residents with a 45-gallon container for trash and a 96-gallon container for recycling. For senior citizens and disabled residents, there would be different sizes available if needed.

Upfront, it would cost the city in the neighborhood of $1.3 million to get the system off and running. While that is a lot of money, the long-term savings would certainly make the investment payoff, according to Finance Director Matt Kerwood. The Berkshire Eagle reported back in December that Kerwood could see a first-year savings of over $150,000.

With the recycling rate at a pretty low number, 11-percent, the program would make an impact. There is certainly skepticism amongst the City Council, but we are looking for the skepticism levels of the residents in Pittsfield. We are giving you a voice, and a vote, to let everyone know what you think about the potential of this new program.

Cast our vote below. Slater & Marjo will be speaking to Mayor Linda Tyer on Friday morning around 7 a.m. to discuss the toter plan and much more.

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