The State Police posted a warning on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page  about a scam targeting Western Mass residents.  The scammers are using a number that comes up as Mass State Police Cheshire Barracks on caller ID.  The State Police want you to be aware of this scam looking to gain information that could lead to Identity Theft.

In the post the State Police are advising the public that they are not conducting any fundraisers and do not conduct phone solicitations of any kind.  Reiterating that any calls from the department of this type are fraudulent calls.  The post urges anyone that receives a call of this type not to give out any personal or financial information.  You should not engage with the caller, but just hang up.

If you have any questions about a legitimate charity you would like to support, you can first check with the Mass Secretary of State’s Corporation Division at 617-727-9640 to check on the charity’s legitimacy according to the post.  The complete Facebook Post by the State Police is below…

Massachusetts State Police 


The Massachusetts State Police wish to advise of a scam currently targeting residents in Western Massachusetts area. These calls appear to be coming from Massachusetts State Police Cheshire Barracks phone number, however, the caller ID is being “spoofed” and the call is not legitimate. Some callers are claiming to be members of the State Police looking for you regarding Identity Theft. Please be advised that these calls are fraudulent.

The State Police are not conducting any fundraisers and do not conduct phone solicitations for anything. If you get such a call, please hang up and do not provide any personal or financial information. If you have questions that it may be a legitimate charity you are interested in supporting, first check with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Corporation Division at (617)727-9640 to make sure that the organization is, in fact, legitimate.


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