Christmas in Massachusetts is in the rearview mirror. Although it's only a few days after the holiday, people have already taken down their decorations and lights, and Christmas trees line streets on trash collection days. But what about folks with real trees that didn't end up on the curb? What do they do with their trees?

Many Massachusetts residents donate trees to farms that feed them to livestock like goats, but plenty of folks choose to burn them, which could get you in some trouble.

Massachusetts is home to a laundry list of some strange and antiquated laws. Everything from growing goatees to singing the national anthem and even the act of mowing your law has some weird guidelines in the Commonwealth. So it's no surprise when it comes to things that need to be regulated for safety reasons, like say burning something in your yard, there are laws in place as well.

So back to those folks who live in Massachusetts who want to burn their Christmas trees in their yard. There are very specific regulations as to where and how you may do so. Burning of Christmas trees in Massachusetts isn't necessarily illegal, but it's definitely restricted. reads as follows:

Section 142G: Burning of Christmas trees restricted

Section 142G. Notwithstanding the provisions of sections one hundred and forty-two A and one hundred and forty-two B, any person may burn Christmas trees during the period from December twenty-sixth to January seventh in each year, provided that said person obtains a permit from the head of the fire department of the city or town wherein such burning shall take place and provided further that such burning is conducted under the supervision and control of said head of the fire department.


Most municipalities in Massachusetts that already offer residents trash pick-up will release post holiday schedules to pick up trees or offer drop-off disposal to their residents. Check with your local trash collection company or town/city officials to see what your area offers.


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