There's a lot of reasons why New England is such a sought out destination for vacationers and tourists alike. And with such a rich history, as well as so many pleasing aesthetics, Massachusetts is at the heart of all those potential destinations. And it's not just the big cities in the Bay State that people are flocking to either. There are definitely a plethora of small towns that have a certain look about them that make for quite the picturesque destination. In fact, Massachusetts is where you can find five of the "most picturesque small towns in America".

The travel publication 'NC Travel Guides' made a list of these small towns that are some of the great backdrops for not only the state of Massachusetts, but throughout all of New England. On a list of about 120 small towns that were considered must-see in America, which included even more from Massachusetts, there were five that showed up in the top forty on the list.

What small towns in Massachusetts were labeled as some of the most picturesque throughout America?

  • #16 - Gloucester

Finishing as the best ranked spot on the list was Gloucester, MA. Here is what NC Travel Guides had to say about its ranking for the best small towns in America:

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is a charming town in New England. Not only does the town have a lovely historic seaport and a beautiful lighthouse, but Gloucester is also home to many amazing viewpoints and colorful houses. This combined with the perfect ambiance of Gloucester makes this picturesque town a great getaway.


  • #27 - Rockport

While the city is known for its spots throughout the town for shopping, dining, and culture in general, not to mention so many scenic spots, the small town is also home to what is known as the best small town restaurant in Massachusetts. You can find that at the Roy Moore Lobster Company.

  • #35 - Lexington

It's probably most well known for being the spot where the first battle of the American Revolutionary War took place. However, the history behind the town helped to morph it into quite the sight for any tourist to see.

  • #39 - Concord

One must-see attraction in Concord would obviously be Walden Pond, which of course had famously influenced the writings of Henry David Thoreau. But also, you will want to see the shops along Concord's Historic Main Street. The town is also known for being a great spot to see the foliage during the Fall, or even spend some time during the holiday season.

  • #40 - Northampton

Recently, CNN had called Northampton "one of the most underrated cities in the U.S." Apparently, 'NC Travel Guides' also thought along the same lines, except for labeling them as a "small town". In any event, they showed up on the list thanks to their downtown scene, which shows off their one-off shops, restaurants, and overall culture in general.

What do you think, Massachusetts? Sure, you could probably list some or all of these as "cities" opposed to "small towns", but regardless, that doesn't mean they're not some of the most picturesque spots throughout the Bay State. Not only that, but throughout America, based on the published research.

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