I recall listening to John Tesh tell me in his "intelligence for your life minute" that excessive smart phone usage is causing people to experience chronic neck pain, something that he dubbed as "text neck".

As I am one to look at my phone to often as well, I absolutely concur, I suffer from more neck pain now than I ever have before! However, this latest story is WILD.

Scientists in Australia have discovered that in younger people, ages 18-30, are actually growing "horn-like" spikes at the base of their skull.

Due to often poor head and neck position when obsessing over our smartphones, these less frequently used muscles are now being over worked and our bodies are over compensating for it!

Muscles that connect the neck to the back of the head are being strained so badly that spike-like growths known as “external occipital protuberances” are emerging. -


Even though having your neck bent or hunched over is nothing new, since the invention of smartphones, the amount of time we do this has doubled.

Spiky, horn-like growths are forming at the base of their skulls because hours spent obsessing over smartphone and tablet apps are putting increased strain on muscles that were once lesser used, scientists at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia found. -whdh.com


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