Massachusetts residents are known to have some pretty wild reputations, whether it be our rabid sports fans or that sweet accent (which really only a very small percentage of us actually have) nothing entirely defines us like our drivers.  

Contrary to popular belief, Massachusetts drivers are NOT the worst in the country. In fact, according to Quote Wizard analysis of over 2 million insurance quotes, Massachusetts comes in at number 16 on a ranking of states with the worst drivers. The company analyzed each state's accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations to reach their results

So we're not the worst, but Massachusetts drivers are not the best and the Massachusetts State Police are certainly not afraid to let us know our driving needs to improve.

On average in one calendar year Massachusetts State Police, not including local municipal departments issued more than 120,000 tickets for speeding.

Cities & Towns in Massachusetts Where the Most Speeding Tickets are Issued

Here are the top five towns that issued the most speeding tickets in this recent report.

  1. Auburn - 3,915
  2. Worcester - 2,756
  3. Boston - 2,304
  4. Ludlow - 2,282
  5. Framingham - 2,052

This got us curious about the cities and towns in Massachusetts with the state's best and worst drivers. Quote Wizard, who based the rankings of each individual Massachusetts community based on the number of accidents, speeding tickets, drunk driving arrests, and moving citations.

Communities With The Worst Drives in Massachusetts

The recent study shows that Chelmsford, Andover, Peabody, Plymouth, and Billerica take the cake for the most violations.

On the flip side we have some decent drivers in Massachusetts and by decent I mean better than the rest of the drivers in the 16th worst state for drivers. So the best of the worst basically.

Communities With The Worst Drivers in Massachusetts

Brookline, Boston, Cambridge, Amherst, and Malden were found to be the best.



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