When I was a child, this was the time of year where your parents would start to threaten your bad behavior, or bribe your good behavior, with a phone to call to Santa. "Don't make me call Santa" can be heard echoing through households, shops and stores all over the country. What I never got, however, was a phone call FROM Santa!

According to The Berkshire Eagle The Pittsfield Department of Community Development Recreation Program will give local children just that opportunity with their annual North Pole Calling Program from 5 to 7:30 Wednesday Decemeber 13th and Thursday December 14th. Sign up forms were sent home Pittsfield students in kindergarten through second grade, but the program is available for older children who would love a call from Santa as well. A submitted form is required from all children and are available to be picked up from the City Clerks office at City Hall, or online. CLICK HERE In 2016 Santa made over 130 phone to kids in Pittsfield.

How cool is this? When I was a kid I would have been over the moon with a personal phone call from the big guy himself. If you're a parent looking to make your child's holiday season extra special, what could be better? Plus once your kid knows you've got a direct line to The North Pole, I'm willing to guess someone will turn into a little angel until December 25th.

For more information, Call Becky Manship, recreation activities coordinator, at 413-499-9370.

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