Massachusetts drivers tend to have a bad reputation, not quite as bad as New York drivers, but we're up there on the list. Let's just say the term Masshole didn't come out of left field.

In reality, Massachusetts drivers really aren't that bad, in fact, drivers in the Bay State didn't even crack the top ten states with the worst drivers. According to a study published by the law firm of Friend, Levinson, and Turner, LTD, and it finds Massachusetts is actually home to the second-best drivers in the country! Yes, seriously.

Despite Massachusetts drivers actually being some of the best in the country, we do receive our fair share of tickets. When it comes to speeding, Massachusetts State Troopers, not including local city and town police departments, issue over 120,000 speeding tickets a year, on average. Drivers in Auburn, MA are most likely to receive a speeding as more citations are handed out there than anywhere else in the state, but what about the color vehicle that receives the most speeding tickets?

Gray Cars Get the Most Speeding Tickets in Massachusetts

According to, "good old solid gray" vehicles receive the most amount of tickets annually. Gray cars make up about 6% of vehicles on the road but account for 10% of tickets.

The myth that red cars get more tickets simply isn't true. They account for 16% of tickets and 14% of cars on the road, so the number of tickets they receive is average.

White, which accounts for 25% of the total car population, receive 19% of the tickets, less than they should if all were proportional. Silver, which hits 10% of total cars on the road, was issued just 5% of all tickets. The theory is, that the police may not notice white or silver cars as much.


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