Imagine your house is on fire, or you find yourself fleeing from an emergency situation, you might have your cell phone in your hand, but the last thing you're probably thinking about is grabbing your phone charger, and rightfully so.

This exact situation spawned Crisis Cables, a collaboration between Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn and other local first responders.  The goal; to collect phone cords for victims after tragic events left them without the ability to charge their phones and keep them connected with family and friends. He recalls an call from 2017 that really got the ball rolling.

Nearly all of the residents had evacuated with their cellphones. However, none had access to chargers," he wrote in the release. "As the night wore on, and our residents were relying on their phones to call friends and relatives and update their status on social media, many of them started to experience phone failures due to low batteries. While our shelter location had ample power, no one had power cords to charge with

Chief Wynn, via The Berkshire Eagle

That incident gave way to the first collection of chargers, but since then time has passed and now Chief Wynn is teaming up with the Pittsfield Fire Department and the City's Emergency Management Program to replenish the supply of chargers.

If you have spare chargers for any type of phone, donations can be dropped at Police Headquarters at 39 Allen Street and PFD Headquarters at 74 Columbus Avenue.

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