A very special delivery at the Pittsfield Police Department will hopefully go a long way in providing funding for comfort dog programs in Berkshire County.

It all started with a bit of a mystery early Friday afternoon when a shipment of boxes arrived at the police station on Allen Street. A post on the department's Facebook page showed 10 boxes or so with a comment that simply teased...

Something big arrived today! Announcement soon.


Pittsfield Police Department Facebook
Pittsfield Police Department Facebook

(Above: A shipment of "mystery" boxes delivered to the Pittsfield PD Friday)

The mystery was revealed later...

About three hours after the initial post, the Police Department revealed what the boxes contained... Mini Winstons! Winston is the department's comfort dog. You may have seen pictures of Winston on Facebook recently. He's has been getting around.
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According to the post, Winston welcomed the delivery of stuffed pups to the station Friday. Department officials say that the stuffed dogs are being sold for $20 each, and all proceeds will be going towards helping other local Berkshire Comfort Dog programs. These mini stuffed comfort dogs will be available for purchase at the station very soon according to the post.

Check out these Winstons! You can purchase one soon!

Pittsfield Police Department Facebook
Pittsfield Police Department Facebook
The stuffed Winstons were made by Douglas Cuddle Toys, which makes all kinds of stuffed animals and other cuddly items. 
Pittsfield Police Department Facebook
Pittsfield Police Department Facebook
 (Above: The original Winston and one of the many mini stuffed Winstons)

A touching scene on Saturday...

Pittsfield Police Officer, Darren Derby, who you may have seen with Winston (the real one) all over Facebook and around Pittsfield, made a special delivery of his own on Saturday afternoon. He hand-delivered to one of the city's residents her very own mini Winston!
Check out the video from Officer Derby's Facebook page:

 Keep an eye on the Pittsfield Police Department Facebook page to find out when these mini Winston comfort dogs will be available to the public!

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