Temperatures have been unseasonably mild. Sunny and the and in the mid 50s the last three days here in western Massachusetts and residents are getting excited for Spring. The clock change is sooner than some may expect.

Spring arrives on March 19.

Easter is March 31.

Clock Change Is Sooner Than You Think

There is still no current federal law enacted to go to permanent daylight saving time in the United States despite Senator Rubio's yearly bid for it. "The Sunshine Protection Act" stalls every time. There was some hope of this getting passed last November, but we can expect the normal clock changes throughout 2024.

Time for Change - Clock

The law’s effects would be most apparent from November to March when clocks would otherwise be on standard time. In general, daylight saving time means less light in the morning. So, during these months, people with typical work and school schedules would be more likely to start the day in the dark. -sleepfoundation.org

When Does Daylight Saving Time Begin In Massachusetts?

On Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 2:00 a.m. we spring forward and see ultimately more daylight in the afternoon and less in the morning.


This winter in Massachusetts has been mild so far to say the least, however, in typical El Niño weather pattern fashion, February and March could very possibly be brutal for snowfall amounts.

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