Massachusetts has such a vast variety of restaurants when it comes to the food, it's tough to keep up. However, the food is not always the only reason why any particular establishment makes a name for itself. Any restaurant can also make a huge impression with its atmosphere and aesthetics. Now, there is a spot in the Bay State that has been named the most beautiful restaurant in the entire state of Massachusetts.

The popular food publication 'LoveFood' recently posted a gallery of the most beautiful restaurant in every state. We know that Massachusetts has so many great restaurants that look amazing from an aesthetic perspective, but only one spot could be crowned with that title.

Where can you find the most beautiful restaurant in Massachusetts?

If you can't wait to be pleased with some great décor along with your dining experience, you may want to head to the northeastern corner of the Bay State in the town of Newburyport. The eatery that has been given the title of most beautiful restaurant in Massachusetts is Ladyfinger's Tea Lounge.

This particular tea lounge is in high demand and 'LoveFood' had this to say about why this is the most beautiful restaurant in Massachusetts:

Resplendent in pink, Ladyfinger’s Tea Lounge has customers clamoring to sample its famous afternoon tea and pose for pictures. You must book well in advance, but it’s more than worth it for the delicious finger sandwiches and sweet treats, tea served in fine china cups, pink velvet seating, Elizabethan portraits and gilt mirrors on the walls, and Art Deco chandeliers.

Not only is the decor quite exquisite, but they do also have some items on their menu you may enjoy.

Perhaps this is the spot for your next bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, etc. If so, just be sure to book in advance. After all, it is the most beautiful restaurant in Massachusetts!

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