With the major holiday season behind us, there is always another holiday or special day to be celebrated just about every month.  Some are legit national holidays commemorating veterans…the country’s independence…for those that made the ultimate sacrifice…religious holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Easter.  There are those “special days” to celebrate love, the Irish, and moms and dads to mention a few.

The Christmas spirit seems to overtake the country to a point that it must be the most popular of all holidays and other special occasions.  But who needs to guess if it’s the favorite when we now have the world wide web.

Digging in I found a survey by the jewelry store Shane Co.  Of course, jewelry stores benefit tremendously from a number of calendar events throughout the year like Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day.  What did the Shane Co. research project conclude as the “Most Popular Celebrations in Every U.S. State?”

The most popular “Celebration” in the country was indeed Christmas, but not by the wide margin that I expected.  According to the Shane Co. list based on Google Trends search data from each state, a total of 10 states had Christmas on the top of the list. The favorite celebration of the year in Massachusetts according to the data was Thanksgiving.  My personal favorite.  Thanksgiving landed second behind Christmas by only one state with 9 total states.

Elsewhere in New England like in Massachusetts, New Hampshire’s favorite celebration was also Thanksgiving according to the Shane Co. data.  No New England state chose Christmas but 3 states love Independence Day.  Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont helped Independence Day place as the country’s 3rd most popular celebration.  Apparently, Connecticut loves to either party or they like a fresh start with New Year’s Eve at #1 in CT.

The complete state-by-state breakdown of the “Most Popular Celebrations in Every U.S. State” according to the Shane Co. data is below.

Christmas – 10 States

Thanksgiving – 9 States

Independence Day – 7 States

St. Patrick’s Day – 3 States

Lunar New Year – 3 States

New Year’s Eve – 3 States

Easter Sunday – 3 States

Father’s Day – 3 States

Mother’s Day – 2 States

New Year’s Day – 2 States

Valentine’s Day – 1 State

Halloween – 1 State

Hanukkah – 1 State

Juneteenth – 1 State

Kwanzaa – 1 State

Memorial Day – 1 State

To see the complete article posted to Shane Co.’s “The Loupe website click on this LINK.

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