Massachusetts is an amazing place to live. It's a state rich in history and beauty and there is truly something for everyone. From the picturesque beaches of Cape Cod to the stunning mountains of the Berkshires Massachusetts is truly a gem of a state.

One of the best times of the year for both Massachusetts residents and visitors is the Fall season. After what can be an oppressively humid summer season and before the harsh winter arrives, there is this little window of nearly perfect weather that is the autumn season.

A picture-perfect fall day in the Berkshires consists of a warm, sunny day, with a touch of a breeze, one of the days where you could wear shorts or pants and be fine either way. The sky is blue and the hills are covered in bold, bright leaves, cascading from red to yellow, to orange and you have one of the views that pictures can't justify. You have to see it in person, while you sip fresh apple cider, pressed from fruit grown in those very same hills.

Unfortunately, those folks who visited western Massachusetts to take in that beautiful fall foliage this year, were sorely disappointed.

Why Was Massachusetts Fall Foliage So Bad in 2023?

Fall colors throughout Massachusetts and New England have been slow to peak or not peaking at all this season. Experts says there are many factors contributing to to the late and/or muted foliage. The first and most obvious was heavy rain throughout the summer, the second is also weather related, record temperatures during later months of the year played a factor as well.

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