Contrary to popular belief, I really don't love attention. I mean, sometimes, but not always. So, why do I always get the noisy cart at Target or at the grocery store? Always.

You walk into the store, sanitize your hands, and grab a random cart, right?

I swear, at least 75% of the time, I end up choosing a carriage with a noisy wheel; and it's LOUD, too.

By the time you've noticed it's noisy you've already walked away with it. So, what are you gonna do, put it back so someone else can get the noisy cart? Plus, you look a little pretentious putting it back.

So you suffer through the looks as you push your noisy cart through the store.

I know! I'll gently lift the cart up on what ever side the screwed-up wheel is on to relieve pressure so it won't be noisy anymore... Nope, doesn't work... too heavy to push.

I know! I will get some heavy-ass bags of dog food and put them on the bottom of the cart to muffle the noise and then just say I don't want the dog food at the check-out... Nope, that's a terrible idea, and the weight never seems to quiet the cart.

So, why do grocery stores allow so many noisy carts to remain in rotation?

I looked up the average price for a new cart and they run about $180.00 for a new one.

Maybe we should treat the carts better and they won't be so noisy? End rant.

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