Why do people hate roundabouts much? They are really effective in achieving their goal. Slowing down traffic, eliminating red light delays, etc..

Roundabouts are strange, right? You know you've driven around one before, but when people seem to approach a new roundabout, they tend clam up and not know what to do! 😂

One of the things people can get confused about is whether or not you have to use your blinker (turn signal) when approaching a roundabout.

aerial view of roundabout in wroclaw city

Do You Have To Signal Entering A Massachusetts Roundabout?

Approaching or Driving in a Roundabout or Rotary

• Traffic travels counterclockwise in a roundabout or a rotary.

• Slow down and obey traffic signs when approaching and entering.

• Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists as you enter and exit.

Yield the right-of-way to vehicles already in the rotary (unless told differently by signs or police officers).

• Use turn signals in the same way as at any other intersection.

• Yield to emergency vehicles; if an emergency vehicle enters the roundabout, exit the roundabout or pull over to let the emergency vehicle pass. -mass.gov

Here in Western Massachusetts, the installation of roundabouts has increased as the city looks to slow traffic and alleviate congestion on roads.

But, yes, you've got to signal when approaching a roundabout or rotary in Massachusetts.

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