Hey, ladies: Does the idea of sexual misconduct in the workplace or being condescended to by male superiors make you pissed? Tough luck, Drew Barrymore says — you should address with problems as if such a thing never made you angry at all.

During a chat with The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday night (March 21), the Santa Clarita Diet actress said she's fully in support of movements like #MeToo — through which women are casting a light on sexism and misconduct in the workplace — but notes she'd prefer if those who came forward were a little more...you know...genial or something.

“I think it’s phenomenal… and overdue and wonderful and the only thing I have a personal ‘thing’ about is tone. I don’t want anything to have a tone of anger," she said. "I know people say anger is healthy, I have a dark side that’s, you know, a huge chasm, but I’ve never been an angry person."


"I’ve never expected people to hand me anything and I never expected them to believe in me," she added. "I had to create enough homework and data to show proof to them. So I want, I hope that people won’t do it with anger and expectation because what you really have to do is prove that you are capable."

Double ugh.

And then, the final whammy:

“I think it’s important for women to work hard at their dreams and do it without anger," she concluded. "So maybe there’s a healthy anger and an unhealthy anger, but I can assure you that if you have the abilities and you stay positive and you don’t expect things to be handed to you and you really work towards them, all the greatness will come, because I was never treated like a little girl who couldn't do it."


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