If there's one thing Massachusetts residents take seriously it's their Dunks. Founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950, the chain have been loved by New Englander's for decades, and the brand had been growing at a tremendous pace, recently expending to other parts of the nation, and across the globe. At this point there are over 12,000 locations worldwide, but the chain will always call Massachusetts home, and most of us are proud to keep it that way.

About three million people visit Dunkin' Donuts on an average day, and some of them, at least the ones in New England, might have noticed a more "streamlined menu" has appeared. According to the Boston Herald, the fast food chain has trimmed down their menu, to utilized employees more efficiently, who (in theory) are then able to provide the customer with faster more accurate service, and of course maximize profits for franchise owners.

Dunkin’ eliminated 10 percent of its menu items, including smoothies, afternoon sandwiches (turkey, cheddar and bacon, ham and cheddar, tuna and chicken salad), the Big N’ Toasted and Angus steak and egg breakfast sandwiches, flatbread items, some muffins and bagel and cream cheese combinations that were optional for restaurants, and peach, caramel and mocha flavor coffee shots.


These changes have been tested since last February, and are already effective in New England stores, and will be nation wide by mid March. So do we believe these changes will actually make your local dunks run more efficiently? I guess time will tell.


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