The summer season is here and while the Forth of July is a highlight for most of us it can be a nightmare for pets. While fireworks are a longstanding tradition in many celebrations, for many pets the spectacle can make your furry friends freak out. In addition to the noise, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center sees an increase in calls concerning pets who have ingested fireworks around the holiday.

We certainly can't do away with a favorite part of the day (or night in this case) there are some ways you can help can your pet safe and more comfortable. Check out these tips and tricks for the summer season from the ASPCA.

If your pet has a fear of or aversion to loud noises:

  • Something as simple as turning on some soft music and moving your pet into an interior room with no windows can be helpful.
  • An anxiety vest may work in some cases—if you don’t have one, try a snugly fitting t-shirt.
  •  If you and your veterinarian do decide that anti-anxiety mediation is your pet’s best bet, there are a few things to remember. First and foremost, give a practice dose of the medication before the big night to see how your pet responds to the medication. Second, never share the medication with another pet or give more than the recommended amount. If you do, you may end up spending the holiday at your local veterinary emergency clinic.
  • While noise phobias are not as common in cats, they can and do happen. Fortunately, cats tend to hide when frightened. Checking in on your cats, having some quiet music on and keeping them indoors during the height of the fireworks is always a good idea.

If your pet is the type to taste new and unusual things:

  • While cats are typically a little smarter than this, some dogs will eat anything, regardless of how it tastes—including fireworks! Never underestimate your pet’s level of curiosity.
  • Fireworks contain several types of chemicals and heavy metals. If you set off fireworks at home, make sure you thoroughly clean up the area before letting your dog have access again.

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