Listeners of Live 95.9 over the years have heard many hit songs belonging to Melissa Etheridge. This weekend, you will be able to see her perform those hits, along with countless other songs in her catalog, live and in person.

Etheridge will be performing this Sunday night at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington. The multi-time GRAMMY winner will take the stage at 7 p.m.

With giant hit songs such as "I'm the Only One", "Come to My Window", "I Want to Come Over", and many others, Etheridge is very confident that if you happen to be in the Mahaiwe on Sunday night, it will be a very wise decision.

"I'm guaranteeing you that you will not regret it," Etheridge told Live 95.9. "You will be so happy, because you will leave the show believing in the power of music again. You will love having music in your life. There's nothing like an experience with other people, in a theater with a group of people, who are every different, come together to celebrate the power of music. You will move your body, you will move your mind and it's going to just be a blast."

Select tickets still remain for this show, which will kick off Etheridge's 2018 summer tour. She loves the Berkshires and says that, despite her past success, she is better than ever. To Etheridge, there is no better place to kick off her tour than right here in Berkshire County. Why not get up for work on Monday after a fantastic night of music with someone who has been performing at a high level for decades?

"You're gonna hear the hits you know and love," Etheridge said. "We have to have our time with 'I'm the Only One' with our hands raised in the air. You'll hear the hits, some deep album cuts I love to do. For the fans who have been to one or two shows, I like to give them something different. I've been practicing (laughing) so you're going to hear some great music, some great rock & roll. You are going to leave feeling better than when you came."

You can purchase tickets right here for Sunday night's show. To hear the full interview, check it out below. While you're at it, subscribe to the Live 95.9 YouTube page.

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