Back-to-school season is here which means parents can relax and maybe even celebrate unless that kid leaving your home is headed off to a VERY costly four-year college.

Massachusetts is famous for many things but the concentration of colleges in the Commonwealth, combined with the rest of New England, is unmatched. So it makes sense that some of the nation's most expensive schools in the country are right in Massachusetts.

We all know the cost of higher education is on the rise, despite student debt continuing to plague adults throughout the country. The average public out-of-state school is $26,820, the average private out-of-state school is $36,880. Public in-state tuition is definitely a little easier on the wallet, averaging $10,440. If those numbers seem steep, we haven't even gotten to the pricey schools yet.

Most Expensive College Tuitions in Massachusetts

The National Center for Education Statistics recently ranked the top 50 most expensive four-year colleges and universities in the country by comparing their out-of-state tuition, fees, and room and board. Five of the United States' most expensive four-year institutions are located in Massachusetts. Remember, these tuitions are full-price. Many of the schools that rank highest in tuition, also give financial aid to a large majority of their students.


So, What is the Most Expensive College in the Country?

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, Harvey Mudd is the most expensive college in the United States. The school in Claremont, California costs students $77,339 per year.

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