You've spent all spring and summer keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. Whether it's your least favorite chore or you love the act of manicuring your yard, lawnmowers are a part of homeownership. But did you know, there are some pretty strange (and some logical) laws surrounding lawnmowers in Massachusetts.

Lawnmowers are not street legal - Surprise, surprise, or duh? In some of the more rural parts of our fair state, it's not uncommon to see someone driving their riding mower down the road, but it's not legal. There are some exceptions, but Massachusetts requires road-ready mowers to be registered with the RMV and have a license plate.


You Can Get DUI Riding One - Lawnmowers are not technically allowed on the road, but that doesn't mean you still can't be charged with a DUI while driving one. Officers can tickets and/or arrest you if they feel that your operation of the motorized vehicle is inhibited by alcohol.



They are only meant for ONE person to ride on - I feel like this should go without saying but there is one seat for a reason. However, you might not realize is that it is actually against the law to ride with more than one person. The law was enacted to protect small children from being injured or worse by the blades below. 

You can't ride on one if your license is suspended - Yes, seriously. This weird came about because apparently, too many people attempt to use lawnmowers as an alternative vehicle after they have their license suspended. The law seeks to take away any possibility of an intoxicated driver behind any wheel because even lawnmowers can cause quite a bit of damage if used improperly.



You have to be a certain age to operate them - There are certain states who require that people of a certain age not be allowed to drive lawnmowers. In Massachusetts, the age for riding mowers is 16 and for a walk-behind or push mower is 12.

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