Fulfilling one of her campaign promises, Mayor Tyer's anti-blight team is at it again. One of the soon-to-be-gone structures has been abandoned for almost ten years.

The city will be razing 14 Parker Ave., 33 Francis Ave., 35-37 Circular Drive, and 11 Goodrich St. in an effort to combat blight, according to iberkshires.com.

These properties rose to the top of the list because they posed major concerns,  the city gives the owner every opportunity to do the right thing and maintain the property, but when that doesn't happen, we have to set our sight on keeping the neighborhood safe.  -Laurie Mick, Pittsfield Community Development Specialist.

The demolition will cost around $175,000, and are being paid for with money from the city's Community Development Block Grant funding, according to wnyt.com.

Vacant structures can be dangerous, and often become locations for squatters, drug users, and thieves.

Nine more blighted structures are scheduled to come down in 2019.

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