As January wanes and we head into the month of February, Dunkin' is offering up some free stuff. Coffee... for it's DD Perks Rewards members, every Monday.

There is a lil catch, though.

Perks members can get a free medium hot coffee on Mondays starting Feb. 1 through Feb. 22. Customers do have to make another purchase to get the free item, however.

Hey, maybe we can start another pay it forward line.... a nice gesture on top of a nice gesture!

For sugar "lovers", there is also something else to enjoy at Dunkin'.

FUN FACT: The Pink Velvet Macchiato is back as of January 27th, and consists of espresso with a red velvet cake swirl. It has a colorful pink-layered look when served on ice.

Also at Dunkin’ you can get Valentine’s Day Donuts through the end of February.

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