The topic of "paying it forward" continued to get airtime Tuesday on Slater and Marjo In The Morning when Pittsfield Police officer Darren Derby went live on location at the East St. location of Dunkin'.

The subject came up as of late when Slater shared his story of asking how much the guy's order was behind him this summer when someone had paid it forward to him. Sgt. Marc Maddelena also shared his thanks to someone who had paid for his children's munchkins.

Always game for doing something fun and helpful for the community, Derby posted to his own Facebook page the following.

We are all feeling the effects of last week, no matter what your position is. I, like many of you, have turned off all social media and did my best not to watch the news.

Trying to put some spirit back into the community, I gladly teamed up with Live 95.9 this morning and started a pay-it-forward conga line at one of our local Dunkin' s live on air. Witnessing someone's reaction when they roll up and find out the person in front of them paid for their order is a wonderful thing. 1/2 hr later and it's still going!

Whether you are the recipient or the do-gooder, it leaves you with a beautiful feeling that no doubt you have been missing since the start of Covid 1 yr ago. If you are in a position to pay-it-forward, don't hesitate. -Ofc. Derby

Live 95.9 listeners tuned and heard as Dunkin' drive through employee(s) asked if patrons wanted to keep the "pay it forward" line movin'...

Facebook follower and Live 95.9 listener Mike Tierney posted the following to the Live 95.9 facebook page...

I heard about the pay it forward at dunks on east st.i just left a fifty to pay for as many cars orders as it lasts on first st just now.lets see if it keeps going -Mike Tierney

If you have the means, "paying it forward" is a great way to express love and support in the these trying times.

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