Did you ever hear your parents or grandparents, say "When I was your age we walked miles to school in the freezing cold" I'm sure it was uphill both ways, but I'm guessing it wasn't below zero.

In order to combat the recent arctic blast, Pittsfield Public Schools has added 18 bus routes, to six different city schools, to keep students who normally walk, safe from what at times have have been dangerously cold temperatures.

The efforts, which started yesterday, students first day back from winter break, will ensure that the 2,000 walkers, around 36%, will have the option for a ride. According to The Berkshire Eagle, Superintendent of Pittsfield Public Schools Jake McCandless credits Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance, Kristen Behnke and school bus operations director Susan Wendling with working together over the holiday to activate "The Polar Express".

Students who walk to Conte, Crosby and Morningside Elementary Schools, Reid and Herberg Middle Schools and Pittsfield High School, will all be transported via bus, through this Friday the 5th.

More information on the added bus routes can be found here.

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