If there's one thing I love it's football. If there's one thing I hate about football (besides my own terrible Dallas Cowboys) it's the New England Patriots, with the exception of a one Mr. Rob Gronkowski.

Sometimes a player is so lovable, it transcends your hatred of the uniform he wears. I felt that way about Vince Wilfork, and I feel it again for Gronk. I mean, find me someone that doesn't like this guy, he's just so damn lovable. Even when he poses with adult film stars, in bedrooms, while she's wearing his jersey, you just cant help but shake your head and say "ohhh, that Gronk."

Gronk fans across the league have been speculating the tight end's retirment, since he alluded to it after the Patriot's super bowl loss. Gronk spoke with the media after the game and made it clear that retiring is something in his mind.

So that leaves the question, what does he do after he retires from the gridiron? Funny you ask, because I have compiled a list that I think would be right up his ally.


  • Professional Wrestler

    Ok, people are actually serious about this one. His athletic ability and his over the top personality, plus legions of die hard fans already in place, this seems like a no-brainer. We know he'll look good in tights.


  • Male Dancer (yes, that kind)

    Gronk loves the ladies. The ladies love Gronk. Somehow I don't think he would mind shaking what his mama gave him in front of a group of swooning ladies. If you seen videos of his dance moves before, you know he's a show in. Again, we already know he'll look good in the uniform.

  • Cruise Ship Director

    If you've ever taken a cruise, you know the director is the guy running the show. He get's everyone pumped up for shows, different on board activities, and is seen socializing with passengers everywhere you turn. Bonus: He's already got experience; see 2016's Gronk Party Ship.

  • Spanish to English Translator

    So this one might take a little work.... but the guy made "Yo Soy Fiesta" the most popular Spanish phrase since Bart Simpson hit us with "Ay Caramba". I'm sure Gronk's Spanish has improved since the epic response to an ESPN Deportes locker room interview in 2012

  • Kindergarten Teacher

    I'm so dead serious about this one. He LOVES kids, and has quite the way with them. Since Gronk has never claimed to be a book worm, the curriculum for a six year old is right up his ally. Plus, he's often said that chocolate and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are two of his favorite foods.

  • Trophy Husband

    Just show me where to sign up.

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