If you have taken part in the "Tide Pod Challenge", and I mean this with all due respect, you are not just lacking in the intelligence department, but you are beginning to make simple tasks more difficult.

Due to the shockingly viral challenge, that features people actually eating Tide Pods, retailers are beginning the process of locking them up at stores. Are you kidding me right now? So because people have made the wise decision to put Tide Pods on their pizzas and actually eat them, soon I may have to ask a store employee to unlock a case to purchase these if I want them? What a joke!

Allow me to rant for a minute:

According to WFLA, retail chains such as Walmart and Walgreens are already beginning to lock Tide Pods up. Twitter users have already shown that this is happening and have expressed their anger because of it.

On top of that, the American Association of Poison Control Centers has had to take the time to release an alert to warn people "about the dangers of using single-load laundry packets other than as intended." What an incredible waste of time and resources for something so silly.

Do we really need Rob Gronkowski to tell people not to eat Tide Pods?

For those of us not eating Tide Pods, and this goes without saying, fight the good fight. Keep not eating poisonous pods that are used to take that stain out of your white t-shirts. If you are an edible consumer of Tide Pods -- Stop! Stop eating them! Stop putting them on pizza, stop shoving straws into them like it's my 4-year-old's Capri-Sun pouch and most importantly, stop trying to get famous by doing stupid things. You can't be famous if you die. If you want to start a trend, buy someone a coffee in the drive-thru line. If I happen to be that recipient, I wouldn't be upset and I'll do the same to the person in line behind me.



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