I'll say this, even though I'm tired of being bled completely dry at the gas pumps, I am still kind of feeling bad for this gas station owner. He made a slight mistake that tons of people took advantage of before an honest man stepped up and rectified the situation.

Before we get to the meat of what happened, here's a question for you, Berkshire County: If you go somewhere, whether it's a restaurant, a department store, or what have you, and the place under-charges you, do you bring it to their attention by saying something?

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How about if it's an obvious mistake? Do you say something then? What if, in the end, it costs the business owner a ton of money. Would you still keep quiet about it? Here's a situation that happened recently at a gas station in Tennessee where, because of a mistake, the owner lost a lot of money. That is until an honest man stepped forward to alert the guy about the mistake.

This particular gas station, earlier this month, had its pumps programmed wrong. Thanks to a misplaced decimal point, the pumps said $0.449 for a gallon of gas, instead of $4.49 a gallon.

The honest customer put over 12 gallons of gas in his tank and noticed he was only charged $5.64. He immediately went inside to alert the owner. And according to WZTV/Fox 17 in Nashville, the customer reported that the owner was "on the verge of tears".

Apparently, the clearly incorrect price had been set like that for FIVE HOURS before anyone told him about the mistake. The customer insisted on paying the full amount, which is especially nice because he was buying PREMIUM unleaded.

It remains unclear how much money the guy lost, but gas station owners usually only make a slim profit anyway. So the question remains, would you have filled up your ride without saying anything?

For the full story, please visit WZTV's website here.

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