It's that time of year, and I'm not talking about that mushy love stuff, I'm talking about Girl Scout Cookies! Whether you're a Samoa person, or Thin Mints are more your thing, you can find a abundance of the sweet treats for sale every where from Super Markets to Basketball games. However, if you're a busy parent who might not have a ton of time to help your little unload all her boxes, you might be looking for a new sales plan.

If that's the case, take a page out of one California scouts game plan, when she decided to park her wagon full of cookies outside Urban Leaf, a southern California marijuana dispensary. According to USA Today, the young girl, who's identity has been kept anonymous, sold over 300 hundred boxes of sweet treats in just a few hours. You might question the appropriateness of her sales tactics, especially since the Girl Scout's organization has certain approved sales sites, and rules surrounding their annual fundraiser.  According to the article, the national organization's regional council describes it as a hazy sales tactic but could not determined the girl's identity. Technically, however, she was not breaking any rules.

The marijuana dispensary “is not on the approved booth site list," as Maryl Doyle, a Girl Scouts San Diego spokeswoman, told the San Diego Union Tribunebut scouts are allowed to tout cookies in a wagon on "walk-about" sales.

via USA Today

Say what you want, but I think it's smart, creative and just downright funny! She skirted the rules, by simply toting her wagon full of cookies in the surrounding area of the store and she crushed it!

Bravo to you mystery scout, I'll talk three boxes of Tagalongs, please and thank you. 

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