After you finish up paying homage to George and Abe today another major celebration will be happening across the country tomorrow…. National Margarita Day!

Although "National Margarita Day" is not a sanctioned holiday it is certainly more widely celebrated than National Prune Juice Day.  It really was smart marketing to create a fictitious “Day” to celebrate (and sell) an alcoholic concoction before the calendar flips to March and Guinness becomes the alcoholic focal point of the month.

The question I’ve heard a number of times today is “why on a Tuesday?” I’m guessing because you may already have consumed a margarita over the weekend those in the booze business asked themselves what’s the slowest day of the week?  Let’s celebrate National Margarita Day on a Tuesday!  After all, would you normally go out tomorrow on a Tuesday and buy a $14 Margarita?  My guess is any other Tuesday you wouldn’t get off the couch. Like I said…smart marketing.

According to Wikipedia the exact origin of the Margarita is in question.  A number of different stories exist.  One is from a 1936 article in an Iowa newspaper describing the cocktail during a trip to Tijuana.

There are three ways a Margarita is typically served.  On the rocks, straight up with no ice or frozen.  The ingredients for a Margarita are 2 ounces of Tequila, a little over a half-ounce of Triple Sec, and a half-ounce of squeezed lime juice.  Ingredients should be placed into a shaker with ice and shaken then strained into a chilled cocktail glass.  A salted rim is optional. For a frozen Margarita, the concoction will be mixed in a blender and then served.

If you have been considering a plant-based diet, tomorrow skip the nachos and burritos and stick to the Margarita and the main ingredient Tequila derived from the blue agave plant.  Salud!

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