This being National Taco Day we thought we would take it a step further and look for the Best Mexican Restaurants in the Berkshires.
Also at the bottom of this page, we hope you give us your input on what you think the Best Mexican restaurant is.

So here is what folks here in the Berkshires and visitors say so far are the Best Mexican Restaurants, in no specific order. We will post what we find out from you our listeners and what you think is the best Friday the 8th.

Coyote Flaco Restaurant, Williamstown

Coyote Flaco/Facebook

Ever wanted to try a mole dish? The Bottom Middle dish is Enchilada Oaxaco
Blue corn tortillas stuffed with meat or vegetables in a mole sauce topped with cheese. Served with rice, black beans, and guacamole.

Xicohtencatl Mexican Restaurant, Great Barrington

Xicohtencatl Mexican Restaurants/Facebook

People rave about their delicious Guacamole!

Fiesta Bar and Grill Mexican Restaurant, another one in Great Barrington.

Fiesta Bar and Grill Mexican Restaurant/Facebook

Mexican Cuisine from the region of Oaxaca, Family owned and operated since 2011.

Baja Charlie's, Lee

Baja Charlies,Facebook

They do Mexican and Southwestern Fare.

Tony's Sombrero, Williamstown

Tony's Sombrero/Facebook

People like the food and say they have great service.

Desperados, North Adams


This is the place where everyone comes to have great Tex Mex food and delicious Margaritas! favorites burrito is the crab and shrimp and also love their fresh-made salsa.

Tres Ninos Taqueria,North Adams

Tres Ninos Taqueria/FaceBook

Not only do they have loaded burritos and fab street tacos but love the bowls, my favorite bowl is the Flyin Hawaiian.

Tito's Mexican Grill, Pittsfield


Titos does daily specials even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Panchos Mexican Restaurant,Pittsfield

Panchos Mexican Restaurant/FaceBook

Panchos Mexican Restaurant specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine from the state of Jalisco, Mexico

Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos, Pittsfield

Hot Harry's Burritos/FaceBook

Even though they are known for their burritos, they also do bowls, awesome salsas', quesadillas, and chili just to name some of what they have to offer.

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