The Town of Great Barrington has some special happenings taking place on Thursday, Aug. 4. First of all the annual Great Barrington Fire Department's Main Street Car Show will be taking place which is always a fun and exciting outing for the entire family. You can get all of the details about the car show by going here.

In conjunction with the car show, another happening is taking place on Aug. 4th which is known as 'Great Barrington Day.'

What Exactly is Great Barrington Day?

Great Barrington Day is a special day for residents of Great Barrington and Housatonic. What will be happening on that day is over 20 local merchants will be offering special discounts and offers to residents of Great Barrington and Housatonic. To get your discount on that day, all you have to do is show your permanent Great Barrington or Housatonic address when you visit participating merchants and you're good to go.

Who Came Up with Great Barrington Day and Why Was it Formed?

Great Barrington Day is sponsored by the Town of Great Barrington as well as the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce. Garfield Reed who is a member of Great Barrington's select board was recently interviewed and discussed the origin of Great Barrington Day.

I had the idea that I wanted us to have a Great Barrington Day. You know this is my town and I live here. When I got elected to the select board, I felt even more connected to the town. I know a lot of the locals don't come into town and Great Barrington throws a lot of great galas but it seems like the locals shy away, myself included...shy away from town. So, I thought it might be a nice idea to maybe do something special for the folks of Housatonic and Great Barrington. So, I thought let's do Great Barrington Day and it will be a day where the folks of Great Barrington will come into your store or whatever store is participating. They'll come into the store and they'll show you that they're from Great Barrington or Housatonic and whatever that particular merchant is offering, you'll be able to take advantage of the deals, discounts, sales, giveaways, etc.

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Which Great Barrington/Housatonic Merchants will be Participating in Great Barrington Day?

  • Berkshire Coop Market ($5 off a $25 dollar purchase store-wide from 3-7 pm)
  • Berkshire Glass & Grow
  • The Bookloft (10% off all day)
  • Calyx Dispensary
  • Carr Hardware (until 4 pm)
  • Evergreen
  • Farnsworth Fine Cannabis
  • Fuel Bistro
  • Lennox Jewelers
  • Lexicon Vibes
  • Library Skate Shop
  • Matrushka Toys & Gifts
  • The Miller (on food only)
  • Rebelle Dispensary
  • Robin's Candy (free treat, toothbrush & Round tuit)
  • Rubiner's Cheese Mongers
  • Shire Glass (20% off and raffle)
  • Soco Creamery (15% off during the event)
  • Taft Farms
  • Theory Wellness (goodies and favorites)
  • T.P. Saddleblanket
  • The Well
  • Yellow House Books

For more information on Great Barrington Day, you can contact the town by calling (413) 528-1619. A special thanks to Betsy Andrus and Bill Cooke.

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