Ah, yes, Fall in The Berkshires. The beautiful season of changing leaves, pumpkins and....stink bugs?! Yes, it's true.

A few weeks ago Slater mentioned to me that his house was full of stink bugs. I thought it was weird because I hadn't noticed any, but a ton of listeners chimed in and agreed. Was it just in their heads, or was their really a stink bug infestation in Berkshire County?

As it turns out, there is, and it's not just The Berkshires, but all of Massachusetts.  According to a report on Boston 25 News, the population of stink bugs in the Commonwealth is exploding!

Back in 2012 scientists in Portsmouth, New Hampshire noticed an influx of the insects, aptly named for their pungent odor when crushed.  The bugs originate from Asia and those scientist believed they were coming over in cargo ships carrying in cars into the U.S. through Pennsylvania. In the past 6 years the bugs have been reported in at least 44 states, including Massachusetts.

So why have people noticed these in their home recently? Fall is the time of year when the creepy critters make their way into homes and  find a place to hibernate for the winter.  The worse part? Once they're in, they release a pheromone that attracts their fellow stink bugs to the home.

If you find stink bug, you likely just want to kill it, but some people are sensitive to their odor, and in some people can even cause an allergic reaction if you squash them with your bare hands. Once you've trapped a stinky little bugger, the best way to get rid of them is either flushing them down the toilet or vacuum them up, just don't forget to empty the bag to avoid the unpleasant smell.

They best was to keep stink bugs out is by simply sealing crevices, keeping screens closed on doors and windows.

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