Every year around this time, the good folks at the Farmer's Almanac makes their long-term predictions for the upcoming year. They really went out on a limb when talking about what winter is going to look like in the Berkshires this year.

Basically, they are saying that it will be cold, wet and snowy. I mean, seriously, I hope those folks are getting paid a lot of money for that kind of research.

In their prediction, there is a bit of a silver lining, as well as a dark cloud -- that is of course, if they are correct.

"Winter will be milder than normal, on average, with above-normal precipitation and near-normal snowfall," says the Farmer's Almanac. "The coldest periods will occur from late December into mid-January and late January into early February and in mid- to late February. The snowiest periods will be in early January, early to mid-February, mid-March, and early April."

So it appears as if the winter temps will be milder, but we could see snow into early April. We in the Berkshires are well aware that anything can happen at any point during any season, especially winter.

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