Over 400 years ago some of our ancestors fled Great Britain to escape the rule of tyrannical government.

Fast forward to 2021, Americans, for the most part, think our country is just the best. 'Merica, baby!

A recent survey of about 2000 brits tell us what's the best and worst to come out of the fifty nifty.

Here's the top 20 of each.


1. Netflix
2. Disney
3. Coca Cola
4. McDonald’s
5. Apple
6. KFC
7. Barack Obama
8. Hollywood movies
9. Elvis Presley
10. NASA
11. Levi’s
12. Tom Hanks
13. Ben and Jerry’s
14. Stephen Spielberg
15. Martin Luther King
16. Star Wars
18. Nike
19. Facebook
20. Stephen King


1. Donald Trump
2. Obsession with guns
3. The Kardashians
4. Racial inequality
5. Their politics in general
6. Their confusing political system
7. Kanye West
8. Calling football ‘soccer’
9. They deep fry everything
10. Children can drive – at 15 in some places
11. Facebook
12. Rudy Giuliani
13. Jerry Springer
14. The NRA
15. Pumpkin pie
16. Their legal drinking age
17. American cheese
18. They wear Crocs
19. You're not allowed to drink outside
20. The accent

See the full list at thesun.co.uk

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